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Voice Auditions

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Sam Bogart

... is a veteran broadcaster from NBC in Chicago to Dallas-Fort Worth. For many years, Sam has been freelance as a narrator and voiceover talent. Industrial narration is his speciality, and Sam supplies voice tracks to advertising agencies and video production companies throughout the US.

Debbie Grattan

...has over 20 years of experience in studio, on camera and on stage in the LA area. She is adept at delivering believable, conversational reads as well as complicated narratives. Debbie voices everything: on-hold messages, parkwide announcements and national TV and radio campaigns.

Rich Brennan

...is a voice easy to listen to, and eager to be a part of your project. Rich can give your product the color and finesse that you’re looking for. He pays close attention to detail. Rich is very flexible and takes direction well. Rich is a discovery, waiting to be discovered.

Wayne June

...a voice artist with extensive experience, Wayne demonstrates that whether the work is Commercial or Corporate, how it’s said is as important to communicating your message as what is said. A wide range of creative delivery styles will help realize your unique vision...

Alex Verde

...is a full time 20-year VO talent, with thousands of clients all over the United States. Alex voices everything from TV to Radio spots, CD-ROMS and many corporate videos. If you’re ever at Disneyland, you can hear him narrating on the Monorail attraction throughout the park.

Kate Houck

...began her voiceover career in Tampa, Florida and has over 20 years of experience. Her clients include Expedia, Hotels.com, Kaspersky and numerous large and small businesses throughout the country. She has a warm, smooth and professional delivery and has dozens of corporate, commercial and telephony clients. Kathy is spot-on with her interpretation of copy, with or without direction.

Connie Terwilliger

...is a versatile pro with international clients providing commercial and corporate reads. Her basic clean, friendly and sincere sound is ideal for voice mail, on-hold messages and in-store announcements. From authoritative to conversational -- let Connie bring your copy to life.

Allison Smith

... has vast experience in radio, CD-ROM narration, animation voices and airport announcements. Allison is currently providing radio station liners for broadcasting stations in Greece, Turkey, and Australia and is also the voice of several telephone and utility companies. Allison can quickly turn around fully-produced sound files in any format.

Dane Scott

... is a veteran midwestern voice-over professional who brings over 20 years of experience and a broad range of announcing styles and character voices to any project. Dane’s voice has been heard on most of the major television networks, doing ads for Sears and narrating TV programs. He has hosted both syndicated radio shows and syndicated television series.

Marie Dubuque

... was a television news reporter/anchor for almost 8 years. When she got into voice-overs she lost that "newsy" delivery and clients can expect a very conversational warm read. Marie has done voice work for on-hold messages, voice-mail systems, radio and TV commercials in various markets, as well as in-store announcements and multi-media work.

Bill Ballenberg

...has a warm, believable approach that helps turn your words into a story the listener will believe and trust. He voices narrations and commercials for companies and organizations nationwide. From sales and promotional video presentations to training CD-ROMs, websites and more, Bill can connect with your audience in exactly the way you want!

Rachael Leach

...has been doing professional voice work for over 20 years. She has both a warm, "thank you for calling" voice as well as a "young" voice that clients from all over the country have enjoyed. Rachel has the skills and experience to do nearly any type of read; from narratives to interactive media to commercials.

Matt Ford

...Matt is an Aussie with 20 years in the Radio Industry in Australia, and provides voice overs for a number of Australia’s larger companies. Matt has also voiced for TV networks, video productions and messages on hold. Matt has the experience to interpret any script he is given and to deliver the clients message in the most professional way.

Jessica Wachsman

...has been featured in numerous venues including TV and radio commercials, video games, feature films, websites, animated projects, telephone greetings, cartoons, audiobooks, GPS systems, corporate presentations.  Jess will provide you with the perfectly unique read and vibe for your project.

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